About Surface Machine Systems

Surface Machine Systems (SMS) is a developer and manufacturer of tribological and material science testing instrument solutions, services, and analytical software.

Our mission is to design and manufacture the very best solutions in applied tribology. We intend to see these solutions installed in every major scratch and mar application, helping our partners reduce waste and improve productivity of their customers.

Our mission is to design and manufacture the very best solutions in applied tribology.

Surface Machine Systems (SMS) was founded in 2006 to promote research at Texas A&M University’s PTC SCRATCH Consortium. Since then, SMS has developed ground-breaking imaging software, digital configurable impactors, five generations of scratch tester machines, and many more tribology solutions.


Noah Smith, COO

Noah Smith holds a Masters of Computer Science with nearly two decades of experience as an entrepreneur in parts manufacturing. Noah formed Surface Machine Systems and secured licensing for its technology. He manages relationships with key SMS partnerships and oversees sales for enterprise customers.

Dr. H.-J. Su

Board Advisor, Principal Researcher

Texas A&M SCRATCH Consortium

Professor H.-J. Su is the principal researcher behind SMS’ scratch and mar technology. Dr. Su administers Texas A&M’s Polymer Technology Center SCRATCH Consortium. SMS cultivates long-term relationships with students in his lab. After graduation, many students continue in specialized scratch tribology research.

William Love

SMS Design & Manufacturing

Brendon and Lawrence Manufacturing

William Love is a partner at Brendon and Lawrence (B&L) located in Bryan, Texas. B&L designs, manufactures, and installs SMS equipment around the world.