Configurable Impacter (Charpy and Izod)

Our impactor is configurable as a charpy, double-notch charpy, or izod impactor, with reconfigurable anvils and adjustable hammer mass. The impactor is completely digital, with accuracy to within 0.1% of full scale, or better. It is designed with an integral safety enclosure and lockout.


Meets major impactor standards: Izod, Charpy, Double-Notch Charpy.

Options & Peripherals

  • Impactor Notcher Configurable as either Charpy or Double-Notch Charpy, this notcher helps you produce accurate notches in samples.
  • Impactor Anvil An alternative impactor anvil that allows you to convert between Izod or Charpy impact testing.
  • Impactor Mass Additional masses used to increase the force applied during testing.