Toll Testing

Fast Turnaround, Competitive Pricing

Toll Testing is our in-house laboratory testing, using the SMS Generation 5 Scratch Machine. This multi-mode parametric instrument is our top of the line scratch and mar testing equipment. With this equipment we can test:
  • Scratch: ASTM D7027, ISO 29252, Toyota TSL3619G
  • Mar: TAMU (Avery Dennison) Method, ASTM D5178
  • Films: film-layer adhesion, film penetration
  • Wear: Reciprocation
  • Custom: scratch, mar, scuff, and wear tests
Since the primary mission of SMS is to promote and support fundamental scratch and mar tribology, no job is too small for our lab. We have competitive pricing, and two week turn-around on most testing. We can test virtually any sample, and can modify or extend test procedures to match your industry needs.

Our full-service laboratory will help you determine what kind of testing is most appropriate to your needs. We typically perform competitive analysis between samples so that you have accurate, quantifiable, and statistically relevant information to work with when selecting materials, molds, pigments, additives, and films.