Scratch Options and Peripherals

Imaging & Software

  • TAMU Black Box Low-albedo imaging system leveraging a digital camera and semi-specular light to optimize for mark visibility comparisons. The Black Box is best leveraged by making us of our analytical software, Tribometrics.
  • Basic Imaging System Our affordable imaging system, based on a flat-bed scanner and color correction calibration, this system makes use of our Scratch Visulization Analyzer software to reliably measure and compare scratches.
  • Tribometrics This is our industry-leading software solution. It leverages artificial intelligence routines mimicking the biological visual processes of humans, and is matched to panels of human observers. This software can be used to accurately order the comparative performance of scratch and mar as assessed by an idealized human observer.

Scratch & Mar

  • Thin Film/Pneumatic Chuck A specialized pneumatic chuck that can hold films and thin films steady for testing. This system uses sacrificial backing plates that can be interchanged to mimic the substrate common to each film. This option can also be combined with our hot plate.
  • Environmental Control (Hot Plate) This plate will heat and hold sample temperatures up to 150° C.
  • Turn Table This plate is used in conjunction with cross-hatch testing to help improve the testing speed and reliability of these types of tests.
  • Puncture Detection Used in conjunction with the film chuck, this option allows the equipment to detect and mark the location of film puncture.
  • Reciprocation/Wear This option is used when reciprocation or wear testing is required for performance analysis. It can be combined with puncture detection on films.
  • Alternative Styli Geometry We carry stainless and carbide ball tips in 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, 7mm, and 10mm; tilting/mar tips in 12mm & 6mm barrel; 5x5mm and 7x7mm abrasive tips; ASTM D5178 loop styli chucks.